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You’re meant to enjoy the time you spend with your pet. Stop stressing over what products to trust and choose. We’ll be there for both of you. Your default.

Just let your furry friend give it a try ...

Quality Cat food Natural Cat Products featuring british shorthair cat with fresh ingredients

A brand that's good for your pet

Pure ingredients, that are not just safe for your pet. They’re actually beneficial. Pet food that boosts immunity, dog shampoo that promotes healthy skin, health supplements that are nutritious like treats…

And for all our products, you can see the full ingredients and make an informed decision for your pet.

Worry Less, Enjoy More...

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Start your day with DhohOooo...

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Healthy Cat Supplies

Natural Dog Products

At DhohOo we create cat products for distinctive needs. From high-protein cat diet and calming supplements, to hypoallergenic grooming products, we pay attention to cat quirkiness! 

Here, you will find what you need to keep your dog healthy and happy. Our products are 100% safe, natural and ethical. Nutritional dog food, natural supplements, essential oil shampoo and more!



Ethical and Cruelty Free Pet Food - DhohOo

Tested in cruelty-free facilities, following sustainable production.

Lab Tested Pet Food - DhohOo
No Harmful Chemicals

All Natural, pure ingredients, with no harmful additives or preservatives.

100% Safe for Pets

We comply with International Testing Standards for Ingredient Safety.

Gluten Free and Grain Free food for cats and dogs
Grain & Gluten Free

We actively avoid using potential allergens in our formulas.

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They're more than just pets, they're our best friends & part of our family.