How to Tell If Your Cat Is Sick

People love keeping cats as pets because of their independent attitude and self-sufficient nature. This results in many cat parents believing that their cats are perfectly capable of looking after themselves and don’t need any medical attention. However, this assumption is not true. Cats can fall sick like any other pet, and they are not always able to recover on their own.

Cats are experts at masking their sickness. This is probably a natural instinct that cats have to protect themselves from predators and other threats. Because of this trait, many cat owners fail to know when their cats get sick. By the time they realize that something is wrong, their cat’s health has already deteriorated. Therefore, you mustlook out for subtle warning signs that indicate your cat is sick. This will help you detect your cat’s illness in its early stages and get prompt medical treatment.

Make sure you watch out for these 6 warning signs that indicate your cat is sick and keep your feline healthy.

#1 – Your Cat is Gaining or Losing Weight

Rapid and unexplained weight loss or weight gain is one of the most common warning signs that indicate your cat is sick. Weight loss can be a result of reduced appetite. It could indicate that your cat is either suffering from a stomachache or minor tummy problems. However, it could also point to more serious health issues like kidney disease or cancer. Some illnesses like hyperthyroidism can cause your cat to lose weight even though it is eating properly.

If your cat appears to be gaining weight, it could be due to abdominal swelling or bloating. Other reasons behind rapid weight gain could be parasitic infections, tumors, Cushing’s disease, or hypothyroidism.

#2 –Your Cat is Getting More Vocal

Cats tend to communicate with their owners by meowing. If your cat is sick, it might start to get more vocal to express that it’s not feeling well. You might also notice that the sound of their meow has also slightly changed.

In this case, you need to remember that some cats naturally meow more than others. So, just because your cat likes to talk a lot, it does not mean that it’s sick. However, if you have a feline that is generally quiet but has only recently started to meow a lot, then it could indicate an illness.  The opposite of this is also true. So, you need to take notice if your cat is very vocal but has recently become quiet.

#3 – Your Cat’s Breath Smells Different

One of the most important warning signs that indicate your cat is sick is stinky and foul breath. Bad breath could indicate kidney disease because your cat’s kidneys are unable to filter out waste properly. Contrarily, a sweet-smelling breath could signal that your cat has diabetes.

Foul breath can also indicate tooth decay or gingivitis. These problems can ultimately lead to infections that can cause heart diseases. To prevent these diseases, regularly brush your cat’s teeth and take it for a yearly dental cleaning appointment.

Gum discoloration or inflammation are also warning signs your cat is sick and needs medical attention.

#4 – Your Cat’s Grooming Habits Have Changed

The way your cat grooms itself reveals a lot about its health. If your cat is grooming itself less frequently than before, it could probably be because it’s feeling too tired or uncomfortable to take care of its coat. Signs that your cat is under-grooming include a tangled, matted dull, or oily coat.

Overgrooming is also one of the warning signs that indicate your cat is sick. For instance, if you notice red spots, bald patches, and irritated skin, it’s probably because your cat is over-grooming itself. Such behavior could signal to allergies, or other cat diseases and skin problems. Another possible reason for over-grooming could be that your cat is feeling anxious or stressed out.

Also, if your cat is shedding more hair than usual, its possibly because it’s not feeling well. Increased shedding could be a result of hyperthyroidism or skin allergies.

#5 – Your Cat Has Become Lethargic

If your cat has lately become lethargic, it could indicate an underlying sickness. If your cat has started sleeping more or is not as energetic as it used to be, there’s something wrong with its health.

You also need to look out for mobility problems like stiffness and limping, especially if you have a young cat. These problems could indicate that your cat has arthritis. Make sure to take your cat to a vet for a checkup if you notice any of these symptoms.


#6 – Your Cat Is Having Litter Box Trouble

If your feline has always shown good litter box habits but has suddenly started to make a mess outside, chances are that it’s experiencing a health problem. Health issues such as urinary tract infections, bladder stones, and kidney diseases can all cause litter box issues.

If your cat has not used the litter box for a long time, it could signal to a potential blockage in its digestive tract. If this is not treated properly, it could prove to be fatal. Moreover, if your cat is having trouble while urinating or defecating, you need to take them to your vet urgently. This is especially true if your cat starts to meow loudly while trying to use its litter box.  

Final Words

As a cat parent, you need to constantly observe your pet and notice any changes in its behavior. Even slight changes in behavior such as drinking more frequently are common warning signs that indicate your cat is sick. In case you do notice that your cat is behaving differently than normal, take it to your vet for a thorough examination.

One of the best ways to keep your cat healthy and happy is to provide it with a nutritious diet. At DhohOo, we are committed to providing your cat with the bestquality food so that it remains fit.

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