Top 7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Pets and Pet Lovers

Valentine’s Day is near and it’s a time to celebrate with your best companion: Your Pet. Whether you are a pet parent yourself or your significant other has a pet, here’s a list of awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will definitely make the heart bear faster with excitement:

  1. Show your doggo you’re ready for some serious commitment with this Frisco Valentine’s 2-in-1 Ring Squeaky Plush Toy. Great for small dogs with removable ring and three different squeakers for endless and fun play-time. However, if you’re easily bothered by noise you may want to reconsider this one. You can find it here.
  1. If you or your significant other is a cat parent don’t worry, we’ve covered this too. This multi-item gift basketis the ultimate cat-care solution.  Treat yo’ cat with some tasty treats, prepare play-time sessions with the toys and have him enjoy endless hunting adventures with the cat chute. Cats love chutes.
  1. Go on a romantic dog-date with your crush or set-up a play-date for your dog with a set of Zippy Paws – Wine Themed Crunchy Water Bottletoy, squeaky and squeezy, perfect for fun plays.
  2. Box o’ chocolates? Nah, Box O’ Treats for your doggo. If you’re training your pup then this Outward Hound Nina Nin Ottosson Dog Brick Puzzle Gameis a great gift for your woofy valentine. Hiding treats for some interactive play-time, fun and learning together.
  1. Give your Kitten this lovely Valentine’s Day CatCollar and treat her like the princess she is. Everyone deserves a pretty necklace you can use the 20% discount DhohOo offers to purchase any of our products for your cutest valentine. Besides, what says “I care about you” more than pet wellness products?
  1. If you’re not a pet parent yourself but your significant other or secret crush is, you can confess your love with this adorable cat themed notebook: “I love you more than catnip”. It’s a well-known fact that almost every cat LOVES catnip. With this humorous and useful notebook you can easily show your affection.
  1. Finally, DhohOo has a special Valentine’s 20% discount for all products, including supplements, grooming products and freeze-dried treats. Gift your pet with some healthy food, refreshing wipes, supplements for joints, healthy agingand more.

Most important than any gift, this Valentine’s show your love to your beloved furry companion by being there for them, just like you would any other day and even more so. Our time with our pets and our efforts to keep them healthy, are the biggest gift we can offer them.

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