Working Out With Your Dog: 6 Freakishly Effective Exercises

Actually, working out with your dog is a popular way to ensure their proper development and growth. This is specifically true for large dogs like the German shepherd, that need regular exercise to release the energy that builds up in their bodies.

In this blog, we will talk about the health benefits of exercising with your loyal companion. We will also tell you some effective exercises you can do with your dog on a daily basis to stay fit all year long.

The Benefits of Exercising With Your Dog

One of the most common problems amongst dogs (especially adult dogs) is obesity, which occurs because of a lack of physical exercise. Many large breed dogs are susceptible to gaining extra weight. As a result, they suffer from joint pain, muscle sores, hip dysplasia, and even arthritis.

If your dog shows symptoms of any of these problems, we recommend consulting a vet and giving specially developed food for dogs with different medical issues.

Dr. Susan O’Bell from Angell Animal Medical Center says that many dog perents have noticed that their pets behave better when they get a sufficient amount of exercise on a regular basis. She also believes that dogs that are not involved in any physical activity are more prone to displaying unwanted and aggressive behaviors like chewing, barking, and digging.

Working out with your dog keeps both of you healthy and provides mental stimulation for them. A well-exercised dog will always be happier since it will be satisfied with its mind and body.

Effective Dog Exercises

1. The Warm-Up Jog

Before every workout session, you need to warm up. Warming up is the easiest part of working out with your dog. You can start with a brisk walk or jog in your neighborhood or a nearby park where you usually take your dog out for a walk. Use the same route each time you warm up so your dog is familiar with what is coming ahead.

This will also make it easier for you to make advancements during warm-up. Start by jogging for 10, then 15 and then eventually 20 minutes before you and your dog settle into your workout. Make sure you put your pet on a strong leash to avoid getting separated.  

2. Dog Yoga – “Doga”

In 2001, a woman named Suzi Teitelman started doing yoga with her dog, a Cocker Spaniel, in New York City. Soon she started encouraging other people to do the same. The term “doga” came into being and the practice has now spread across the United States and some parts of Europe.

“Doga is about becoming more like your dog,” Teitelman said. “Dogs come with a natural ability to be happy, healthy, and loving in the moment, and excited and present.”

The most famous yoga poses you can easily practice with your dog are:

  • The Downward Dog Pose:Get down on your hands and knees and push your hips in the air. Let your dog stand next to you as you feel the tension in your calve muscles.
  • The Child’s Pose:Get on your knees. Relax your back as you sit on your heels with your arms reaching out in front of you.

3. Game of Fetch

We believe this is the most fun exercise you can do with your dog! Take your furry friend into an open space for a game of fetch. Throw an object, preferably a soft ball, into the air and rather than waiting for your dog to bring it back, do some exercise in the meantime!

You can do crunches, squats, lunges, burpees, and so much more. Continue the game until your dog is tired of fetching and you are worn out and panting.

4. Swimming

It’s time to break out your bathing suit! Swimming has so many advantages for humans. It helps target sore muscles and burn a great number of calories. Swimming is also healthy for our joints and hearts.

Similarly, swimming can be extremely beneficial for your pup, especially if they has joint issues. This is a less strenuous exercise than jogging or running. It is also easy for puppies with little paws or adult dogs with sore muscles that have difficulty in doing other forms of physical activity.

5. Doggy Pushups

While walking and running with your dog has its own benefits, you should also focus on building muscles for yourself as well as your young dog. If you have a smaller breed or a puppy, you can place it on your back and try doing as many pushups as possible. Your dog is guaranteed to have fun while you give arms a nice workout!

6. Collaborated Squats

Another effective exercise you can do with your pet is squats. Stand on the ground with your dog in the front, facing you. Slowly take its front paws into your hands that will enable it to stand up on just its behinds. Facing each other, slowly go down to squat.

Your dog will also bend its knees and squat with you. Please be careful in this process and go slow to prevent any harm from occurring to your dog’s joints.


Working out with your dog is not just about getting stronger and fitter but also about having fun! Go out for some exercise when both you and your dog are wide awake, energized, well-fed, and hydrated. Your pet will enjoy a stroll in the park while you develop a daily workout routine.

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