Should You Give your Cat Cat Clothes?

We're sure you’ve come across a superman cat, a spy cat or a pirate cat. Your mind probably first thought of how cute your kitty would look in similar clothes. But will your cat even like it?



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Cat Clothes Yay or Nay?

Does My Cat Need Clothes?

Of course, cats definitely don’t require the same level of clothing as us. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from a snug shirt or sweater in the winter. Clothes for cats need to be optimized to preserve their body heat while allowing them to move freely during the colder months.

Cats love being warm and snug, which is why you’ll often notice them curl up in your blanket. Clothes can help them trap their body heat and ensure a comfortable internal temperature. However, cats can overheat quickly so talk to your vet and watch for signs of overheating.

However, with so many different breeds of cats out there, not every breed will need the same type of clothes. The type of fur that the cat has and its personality can play a big role in the type of cat clothes you choose.

For instance, long-haired cat breeds, like the Siamese and Persian cats, may need minimal to no clothing unless you live in sub-zero areas. On the other hand, short-haired cats, like the Bengal, or breeds with no fur, like the Sphynx cat, are prone to losing more body heat during winter.

A general rule is that if you have to cover yourself with layers of clothing and crank up the heat to stay warm, your cat probably needs the same treatment too.

One handy little benefit of cat clothes is that they can be quite effective in preventing parasite and flea infestations. However, they shouldn’t be your primary or sole method of prevention.

Cat clothes can be very useful for cats that suffer from skin conditions. They can be used to protect their skin from external damage. Skin conditions that are caused by open cuts, over-grooming, or hypersensitivities can be protected from further harm by using cat clothes.

Plus, vets often use clothes on cats that have gone through surgeries to bar them from accidentally irritating their injury by scratching or licking. Sweaters can be a great alternative to the frequently used collars and cones as they don’t restrict your pet’s movement.

Tips on Cat Clothes

When choosing clothes for cats, the most important element is the type of material you select. Heavy clothing can hinder their mobility and cause anxiety. Additionally, itchy fabrics will frustrate every cat and probably cause some aggressive behavior. Clothing should be made of comfortable material that, preferably, your cat won’t even notice.

Use Cat Clothes for a Burst of Cuteness

There's nothing cuter than a kitty with a bowtie, sweater, or a wizard Halloween costume. Your cat probably won't care much for the alien fabric you're putting on them, but we assure you that you will not see anything more adorable.

Let your inner child out and your creativity run wild as you play doll with your cat-- safely, of course. Share a picture of your little feline friend on your Instagram, and we bet it will be your most viral post do date!

Bonus: Playing dress-up with your cat is an ideal opportunity to bond with them and develop your relationship. Cats love attention, and as you slowly stroke them, they will start loving you more.

Best Types of Cat Clothes

As we said earlier, the material of the clothes and the thickness of your cat’s fur are the most vital elements when choosing clothes for cats. Keep all those factors in mind as you go through these items.

o Cat Scarves: scarves are the most unobtrusive piece of clothing on this list. They can work well for cats that aren’t comfortable wearing full-body suits. Plus, they come in a lot of different styles, so they’re by no means boring!

o Cat Costumes: these are usually full-body suits that only a few cats can tolerate. However, no one can doubt the absolute ultimate cuteness that erupts from a cat wearing a costume. You can go for anything, from a classy tuxedo look to a rough pirate of the seas! Just be careful that you don’t agitate your cat.

o Cat Raincoats: if you have to take your cat out on a rainy day, a raincoat will be the perfect solution for keeping them from getting wet. They can be tough to walk in, though.

o Cat Sweaters: snug, cozy and warm. There’s not much we can say that will describe how great sweaters can be for cats. They can protect your cat from the cold while also making them look like the most lovable creatures on the planet.

How to Safely Put Clothing on Your Cat

Firstly, make sure that your cat is in a peaceful state and a relaxed environment. You don't want to try your hand at dressing a cat that is highly energetic or agitated. Wearing scarves is quite easy, so we'll explain how you can dress your cat in full-body clothing.

Once you think it’s ready, roll the sweater/suit into a ring and stretch your cat’s neck out. Pull the ring over your cat's head, while keeping your fingers between the sweater and your cat to avoid discomfort.

If your cat is still calm and isn’t fretting, you can stretch the rest of the suit/sweater down its body and pull their legs through the sleeves.


All in all, cats do wear clothes. However, the answer to this question depends entirely on your cat and the weather. If you live in a cold area and your cat feels ‘yay’ about clothes, then absolutely go for it! However, if your cat feels anxious or uncomfortable with the clothing, don't force it just because it will look cute. Your cat's health always comes first.