How Can I Make My Cat Feel Safe

Just like us, our cats also have needs to make them feel safe, secure and happy; especially during her recent move. So keep on reading below for some tips to make sure that you can feels safe and secure in her new home.



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5 Ways You Can Make your Cat Feel Safer

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You cat may show skittishness or anxiety that may compel you to think ‘how can I make my cat feel safe?’

The home is meant to be a safe place for all of its inhabitants. But if your cat is new to your household, it may have trouble adjusting. Even if your cat is not new, there might be certain factors that could be heightening its stress and anxiety. Certain things that are quite normal for us may be distressing for your cat.

If your cat is showing fear and anxiety, you must first rule out that it could be due to a health problem. Look out for other warning signs like excess vocalizing, reduced food and water intake, hiding for prolonged periods and sudden apathy or lethargy. If your cat is also displaying one or more of these signs, then it may be time to take it to the vet immediately just to be sure.

It is quite common for cats to become nervous and anxious due to an underlying health problem.

If your vet clears your cat of any major health problems, then it could be down to its unique nature. You may want to try your luck with certain stress alleviating measures that could work for your pet feline.

Cat Body Language

You should take a close note of cat body language. Look out for signs of stress like dilated pupils, flattened ears, cowering posture, aggression or avoidance. There may also be more subtle cues that can point towards stress. For instance, cats may start wagging their tails excessively when they are annoyed.

To help your cat to relax when it is stressed you need to know when it is feeling this way. You can tell the mood of your cat via body language and cues.

If you notice body language that indicates stress then give your cat some space. Give it a little time so that it calm down before you approach it. When you do approach your kitty, be as gentle as possible.

A veterinary behaviorist may be able to teach your cat to react positively in response to a trigger.


Just like a daily routine can reduce anxiety in us human beings, a fixed routine can also be a source of relaxation for cats. It will bring order to their lives and know what to expect.

Make sure that you feed your cat, give it water and clear up the litter box at the same times. An organized routine may bring comfort for your cat.

Another good idea is to fix your work routine so that you will be going out of your home and coming back in at the same times each day. Your cat will soon grow accustomed to it and may not worry if you go away. Just make sure that you give it plenty of time when you are back to reassure your cat. Cuddling and playing with your cat after a long day can be a wonderful way to unwind.

Climbing Spaces

Cats instinctively love climbing. Provide your kitty a cat shelf, cat tower or a cat tree which it can climb to alleviate stress and feel happier.

Here is why it might work. From a good vantage point, cats can scan the whole environment easily to make sure that there no threats nearby.

If you have introduced a new cat into the household then there may be some trouble understanding early on. You can diffuse the tension to some extent by using these perches for your cats.


You should assist your cat in doing what it loves. Cats enjoy climbing, hunting and exploring so you should buy equipment that will help your cat to satisfy these instincts and relax in the process.

You can think about buying feathery toys that look like small birds and use them to play with your cat. You can attach this toy to a string and pull it away as your cat pounces on it to mimic hunting. Cats love pouncing and you can emulate a hunting session with this simple game to calm your cat down. You can also buy toys in the shape of rodents for a similar purpose. Try getting a few of these toys for variety so that your cat can enjoy ‘hunting’ all sorts of creatures that it would be chasing in the natural environment.

Even a scratching post will help your cat a lot since they have are prone to scratching on something by instinct. You will spare your furniture and drapes from the paws of your little carnivore as a result.

Quiet Space

Stressed cats resort to hiding. So you must provide a shelter where your cat can take refuge when it feels threatened, annoyed or stressed. Such a shelter will be of great help if you have a lot of activity, commotion and guests in your house which can be overwhelming to your cat. After all, we can get burnt out in a very busy environment and this is an animal you are looking at. Animals like cats do not experience such a busy environment in their natural habitat so it is difficult for them to cope.

Even if your house if relatively peaceful, a safe place for your cat can help it to relax after a long day. You can thus set up a kitty condo complete with its favorite toys and soft padding for comfort. It would be a good idea to install this kitty condo in a quiet and secluded spot in your home so that your cat can retire inside for blissful serenity.

If you cannot afford a full-fledged cat house then don’t worry. Even a cardboard box cut out with a big enough hole for entry will suffice. You can add soft padding to make it extra cozy.


Get in touch with a pet behavioralist to find out what you can do for your cat. Depending on the circumstances, such a professional can provide you with optimal measure that will assuage the nerves of your feline.