How To Comfort My Sick Dog

It's pretty hard to watch when a loved one or someone around you falls sick. All you want to do is magically take all their pain and discomfort away, leaving them happy and healthy. Well, it's no different when that loved one happens to be your pet dog.



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Unlike humans, dogs can't tell you what will make them feel better, so you're stuck wondering, “how to comfort my sick dog?” Thankfully, you no longer have to wonder as we're about to tell you all the different ways to make your dog comfortable.

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Take Them to the Vet

Sometimes, when you realize that your dog is sick, you might not take it to the doctor right away. You may think that it just needs some rest and delay that visit to the vet. However, you can only stand watching them in pain for so long. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, when your dog is sick, and all you want to do is eliminate the cause of that sickness, the best person for that job is the vet.

The doctor could prescribe certain medications that could ease your dog's pain or give you some directions as to how to handle their sickness and make your dog comfortable. Consulting with a vet this way is not only reassuring but can also equip you with new knowledge that can help you better answer your question,“ how to comfort my sick dog?”

Keep Them Hydrated

This depends on precisely what is making your dog sick, but generally, keeping it hydrated is one way to make your dog comfortable. When your dog is sick, its body is not able to able to function as it normally does. Therefore, it might get dehydrated easily.

On top of that, if it's suffering from bouts of vomiting, diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite, it can make matters even worse. So, providing and encouraging them to drink loads of water will help them recover faster and, consequently, make them comfortable again. If they look like they don't want to drink water, give them ice cubes instead. They can lick those to get refreshed and get their water intake as well.

Watch Their Diet

You might be tempted to slip your dog a few dog treats, which normally make it very happy. However, these aren't normal times, and that simple dog treat can actually make your dog sicker. Similarly, other things that can cause more discomfort to your dog is eating their food too fast.

Therefore, you will want to watch your dog's diet very closely. Make sure it isn't eating and drinking too much and too fast at a time. Moreover, inform other people in the house as well to not give the dog any treats as it could lead to an upset stomach.

Maintain a Normal Schedule

Lying around all day or not doing what it usually does can already make your dog feel sad and down. If you start changing its routine too, it will only reinforce the feeling for your dog that things aren't right. So, try to maintain a normal schedule as much as you can. If its diet has changed due to its sickness, try to keep the mealtimes and frequency the same.

If you guys go for a walk every morning, don't skip it now either. Instead of your regular one hour walk around the block, you can make it half an hour or 20 minutes. The purpose is to bring normalcy back in your dog's life so that it feels comfortable and happy, even if it's for a short while.

Keep Them Away for Unfamiliar Faces and Places

When you're trying to make your dog comfortable, it's obvious that you have to avoid anything that disrupts that normalcy. And one of those things is unfamiliarity. No matter how social and friendly it is with strangers and friends alike on regular days, when your dog is sick, keep it away from unfamiliar faces and places.

These can unnecessarily get it stressed or over-excited, both of which are not good things when it is already distressed and confused about its situation. So, if you are wondering, “how to comfort my sick dog?” the answer is to surround it with familiar people and things so that it feels safe and comfortable enough to recover quickly.

Make Sure the Temperature is Just Right

Another way to make your dog feel at ease is to physically make it feel comfortable, and the best way to do this is to make sure the temperature around it is just right. If it's winter, make sure your dog is warm and cozy all the time. Give it blankets or snuggle with it for warmth. Similarly, if it's hot outside, try to keep your dog as cool as possible.

Shower Them with Loads of Love and Attention

The most important thing you can do to make your dog comfortable is to shower it with loads and loads of love and attention. Therefore, try to spend as much time with it as you can. Talk to it, play with it, and engage in its favorite activities. All this will let it know that it is safe, loved, and cared for. As they say, love is the best medicine.

Final Words

When your normally cheery and active dog suddenly falls sick and is just in bed all day long, it can feel quite heartbreaking. However, dogs are quite sensitive creatures, and you'd be surprised to learn how well they can judge your emotions. So, instead of feeling sad with them, you can follow these tricks to make your dog comfortable and uplift your dog's mood.

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