Caring for a Disabled Pet? You can Still Travel Together!

Here's a list of tips to minimize your troubles while traveling with pets with special needs.



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Tips for Traveling with your Special Needs Dog

Traveling with a disabled dog doesn’t make your experience any less wonderful than traveling with any other pet.

At the same time, going on a trip with your canine companion, in this case, may involve some 
extra pre-planning. Nevertheless, following a few precautionary measures can turn your experience into an amazing one despite your dog’s disabilities.

Here are a few tips you must follow when traveling with a specially-abled dog to ensure your trip remains hassle-free for you as well as your pet:

1- Check with Your Veterinarian

A visit to your vet is a must before traveling with a disabled dog, especially if you’re taking an international trip. You can obtain a health certificate and give your dog proper vaccinations so you wouldn’t have to deal with any problems out of state.

However, if your pet isn’t healthy enough and your vet advises you against taking them with you, it’s best to follow through. Some disabled dogs find the road and air trips uncomfortable even with all the precautions, so you should respect their needs, no matter how much you want them to travel the world with you.

2- Prepare Accordingly to Your Trip Type

If you’re planning a road trip in your car, it’s essential to invest in a good foam and harness to secure your dog in the back seat. If going by air, it’s best to call your airline and ask whether they allow pets on the plane when secured in a cage. While most airlines don’t have a problem with that, you still can’t carry a dog with you in the cabin whose cage can’t fit under your seat. In that case, you can ship them in cargo.

Please talk with your vet in advance to make sure it would be safe for your dog to remain in the cargo section during the flight, even if it’s a short trip. Some disabled dogs might require immediate medical attention at times and shouldn’t be left alone to be shipped via cargo.

3- Acclimate Your Dog Before Leaving for the Trip Together

Planning for a hassle-free car trip goes way more smoothly when you start planning for it in advance. For instance, you can start taking short car trips around town with your dog to make them feel more relaxed and comfortable before the actual trip begins. This will especially help if your dog tends to get car sick or nervous when riding around.

4- Remember to Bring All Necessary Essentials

Furthermore, you must pack all the essentials your disabled dog might need during the trip, even though it makes your luggage weigh significantly more. Here’s a list you can use to make sure you’ve covered everything to help your dog feel more comfortable:

· Medications
· Diapers
· Baby wipes
· Pee pads
· Fluffy towels
· Ice pads (to beat the heat)
· Trash bags
· Food
· Bottled water
· Chew toys
· First aid kit
· Bed
· Leash

Moreover, you can attach a collar to your dog’s neck with their name and your contact information on it in case of emergencies.

Another thing that would help is pre-booking hotels on your trip that welcome disabled dogs for your further convenience. Ultimately, when you start following the best practices before your trip even starts, traveling with a dog with special needs doesn’t feel much different from traveling with any other pet.