How to Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat

However, summer heat can affect your canine friend, causing dehydration and even heat stroke. Here are some way to help your dog cool down in the summer.



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Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Summer

brown dog wearing sunglasses on blue textile
1. Use Damp Towels for Easy Cooling

Wondering how to keep your dog cool in the summer season? Offer them a damp towel to lay on when you notice the temperature rising. Lying down on a damp towel can help bring down the body temperature. Dogs also love playing with ice packs, especially when it’s hot, so offer them an ice pack. It will make their day!

2. Add Ice Cubes to the Water Dish

Everyone enjoys drinking cold water on hot days – including your pup. So, add some ice cubes to the water dish. This will also encourage your pet to consume more water, reducing the chance of dehydration.

3. Turn Up the Fun with a Waddling Pool

Turn up the fun and turn down the heat with a waddling pool. Dogs love to swim and splash around in the water. So, surprise your canine friend with a shallow pool filled with cold water.

4. Get Paw Protection for Your Dogs   

Walking around on the hot ground or pavements can be pretty uncomfortable for your dog. An easy solution is to get your pet paw protection. Various options are available in the market, so you can evaluate the pros and cons and pick one!

5. Try Homemade Frozen Treats

There’s no season for tasty rewards – dogs love treats all year round. However, summer treats can double as a fun way of keeping your dog cool in the heat. You can make healthy frozen treats at home. For example, you can blend blueberry, strawberry, and peanut butter, freeze them in silicone molds and voila! A yummy treat for your pup will be ready!


Summertime can be a lot of fun for you and your pet. Now that you know how to keep your dog cool in the summer, you can enjoy the sun with your canine friend without worrying about heatstroke. If you liked this article, check out our website to get more tips and tricks on how to keep your dog happy and healthy.