How To Deal With Energetic And Hyper Dog

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Dog Behavior: Hyper-energetic Dogs

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You may think that the dogs you see hopping up and down, spinning in circles or barking are having a blast. But let us tell you: they almost definitely aren’t. These are all signs that you’re dealing with hyper dogs. These dogs have excessive energy and don’t know how to deal with it other than to exert themselves physically.

Unfortunately, many people would think these are signs ofgiddiness and find it cute. Most people would unintentionally end up promoting this behavior. However, you need to put a stop to your dog’s hyperactivity to prevent bad behavior as well as aggression in the future.

Let’s see how you can transform your over-active dog into a calmer and happier pooch.

Work Their Body

Dogs are often hyperactive because they aren’t getting enough exercise on a regular basis. This is especially the case if you have a high-drive herding or sporting dog like a Border Collie. There is no set rule about how much exercise your dog needs, but it’ssafe to assume that a fidgety dog that is unable to relax at the end of the day probably needs more exercise.

If you’re dealing with hyper dogs that exhibit "can't slow down" behavior, help them relax by providing plenty of space and time to blow off steam. Hence, our first advice is to try going for a longer walk/run every day or ensure longer play sessions of focused games, like tug and fetch. Both games burn energy quickly and can be used as training tools.  Your dog will have to slow down and relax to recuperate their energy once they get tired.

Just be careful of increasing exercise intensity too quickly. Always try to incrementally increase exercise, so that you don’t push your dog too hard.

Hyperactive behavior can often stem from insecurities as well, especially for dogs who don’t have much stability in their lives. Dogs love routine because it helps them know what to expect every day. You don’t need to build a detailed schedule, just make sure you set a consistent routine, so your dog knows what their day will be like.

Work Their Mind

Going on runs and playing fetch are great workouts, but even dogs get bored doing the same thing for too long. Dealing with hyper dogs involves more than just giving them physical exercise. Working your dog’s brain will drain their energy much faster, making them a happier and smarter pooch.

Make your dog use its nose with games, like “find it,” to make them work extra hard and think creatively. You can also try playing puzzle games that make your dog work for his food for an energy-burning meal time.

Even teaching your canine a silly little trick like "roll over" will make them focus and expend their energy. This is an excellent remedy for hyper dogs!

Reward Calm Behavior 

When dealing with hyper dogs, positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to establish any sort of desired behavior you want. Give your dog love and attention when it is in a calm and submissive state to help reinforce that behavior. You can give them treats as a reward as well.

Keep in mind that if your dog approaches you with over-excitement, it is not a good behavior; in fact, it is a sign of hyperactivity that needs to be curbed. So, how can we help put a stop to this?

Well, the way you react when your dog approaches you with excitement will determine whether their behavior becomes more or less frequent. The worst thing you can do is give love or attention to an excited dog. You’re signaling to them that you like what they’re doing. They’ll learn to associate being excited with affection and develop a bad habit.

Your best decision would be to ignore them. Push your dog back down if it tries to jump on you.

By reinforcing calm behavior and ignoring excited behavior, you can help your dog find a better mental comfort zone.

Use Calming Scents

Dogs live by relying on their scent. You can use this to your advantage by inducing a calming effect with a soothing smell like vanilla or lavender. One neat little trick when dealing with hyper dogs is to add a scented air freshener near their bed. This will help build an association between these scents and relaxation.

However, before using any calming scent, talk to a vet to make sure your dog doesn’t have any allergies to particular scents. Find out what smells may work to calm your dog and what diffusion methods are the safest for it.

Keep Yourself Calm

Dogs are often referred to as mirrors; they'll try to depict whatever emotions or energy their owners project. So, take a step back and check yourself. If you display anxious and stressful energy, it can also affect your dog’s energy and behavior. Use a calm and assertive tone to let your dog know that you are a strong pack leader.

Avoid shouting "NO, NO, NO" repeatedly at your dog to get them to correct their behaviors. All you should do is use a quiet word or a nudge to let them know that you disapprove of their behavior as the pack leader.

Find Your Solution

There is no secret formula for dealing with hyper dogs. These tips will not perfectly work for every dog out there, but we believe that they provide a helpful guide to get you on the right path.

You need to use all these tips one by one and see what works best for you and your canine buddy. Some dogs can spend the whole day learning new tricks but need less walk-time. Others may prefer playing with toys. Hence, you need to find a balance that will work best for your dog!

Good Luck!