7 Fun Things to Do with Your Cat During Quarantine

There are a lot of fun things that you can do with your cat during quarantine to help both of you remain mentally stimulated and healthy.



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7 Activities You and Your Cat Can Do in the House

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Human beings are gregarious in nature and crave social contact and activities. Time and again, studies on the high median age and healthiest communities have shown that strong social integration is important for a long and healthy life.

Even before the current epidemic, pets were important members of American households. Playing with your pet cat after a hard day’s work can be a real stress buster. After the covid-19 crisis, pets are now more important than ever. With your pet cat to accompany you through these hard times, it can become much easier for you to get through with your health intact.

Here are 7 fun things that you can do with your cat during quarantine.

1. Training

You can try to train your cat to do new tricks, which will not only make you a proud pet parent, it will also win admiration from others. It will also give you a great opportunity to reward your kitty with bite-sized treats each time they obey.

There is a pervasive myth that cats are indolent creatures and that they don’t respond as proactively as dogs do. You can teach your cat to perform simple tricks provided you are patient.

You can perform clicker training to teach your cat simple tricks. The clicker makes a unique sound which the cat will soon associate with rewards. Thus you can use this device to motivate your cat to do simple things like coming towards you on demand. Remember to reward your cat with a little treat for compliance. Don’t show any aggression towards it no matter how many times they get it wrong. It is unnecessary and counter-productive.

You just need to be aware of one thing. Watch out for the calories from treat lest your feline becomes overweight.

2. Play Hide and Seek

First you must open all doors in your house while having someone is holding on to the cat. Call out the cat’s name so that they start searching for you. When they do find you in your hiding spot, show your pleasure, handle them affectionately and give them a little treat. You should start easy and then gradually increase the difficulty level to make it more challenging and stimulating for your cat. Both you and your cat will be amused this way during quarantine.

3. Treasure Hunt

You can take your cat’s toys and treats and hide them in different locations in the house. Once hidden, call your cat and show them where a few treats are hidden. It will take some time for your cat to understand, but once it does, it will hunt gleefully for hidden treats. Your cat will remain happily preoccupied and keep hunting as long as it knows that there are treats lurking around.

4. Fetch

This is an easy game to play and it is very healthy for your feline since it will get them moving.  

Start by first throwing the ball over a short distance and telling your cat to fetch it. Initially they might not fully understand what is going on, but when they do bring the ball back to you, lavish praise on them freely so that they understand. Positive reinforcement works wonders. Eventually your cat will soon start playing this game with enthusiasm.

5. Toy with Your Cat

This is a really fun game to play with your pet cat and they will absolutely adore it since it invokes their hunting instincts.

Tie a little treat to a piece of string and lay it out in front of your cat. As your cat approaches it, tug the string sharply so that the treat withdraws quickly just before your cat is about to make its move. It wont take long for your feline to understand that it must be quicker and more proactive to claim the treat for itself.

Once your cat gets the hang of it, you can start using other objects besides edible treats to keep the calories in check. Just start jerking the objects backwards sharply using the string and your cat will know that its game on.

Since this fun activity calls for pouncing, cats will love this game as they are natural born hunters.

Here is another fun tip. You can also use a laser pointer for the same game.

6. Learn Some Treat Recipes

You can go online to learn about plenty of cat treat recipes that you can make fairly easily at home for cheap. You will save yourself some money this way and also feel good about making treats for your fuzzy cat with lots of love. Providing handmade treats made with love is much more satisfying than store bought treats.

7. Going Outside

Going outside during quarantine will certainly be harder but it still can be done. In many places you are allowed outside for an hour or two. Some places are even lifting lockdowns. Whenever you go out don’t forget to take your pet cat with you. Just make sure that you maintain social distancing and follow all the rules scrupulously.

Remember that your cat needs to go out as much as you do. So put your cat on a leash and take it along with you when going out.


Your pet cat may be having a tough time just like you since you may not be able to take it out for play during quarantine. There are many fun things that you can do with your cat during quarantine; it just takes being a little creative. The trick is to keep both yourself and your cat busy with some amusing activity.