Healthy Food Combinations for Cats: Wet and Dry Food

Here you can get tips for properly feeding your cats to avoid obesity, dehydration or other health-issues.



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Dry or Wet Cat Food? Best Combo Tips for Your Cat

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Poor diets and an incorrect feeding routine often leads to visits to the vet. Feeding your cat just one food every day is not going to provide them with all the nutrients and energy they need. Also, some cats refuse to eat foods that would otherwise be good for their health.

This is why we’ve brought you some healthy cat food combinations to make sure you can get your feline buddy all the nutrients it needs.  

What Can Cats Eat?

Unlike dogs and some other omnivorous pets, cats are true carnivores, which means they require animal meat and protein in their diet. They can "survive" on plant-based proteins, but they don't provide them with the taurine (an amino acid) they need to be healthy and happy.  

Feeding plant-based meals to a cat is sure to cause tummy problems. Their digestive system cannot break down the tough cellulose in plant-based foods. Cats can eat some veggies, which could be good for them. But ask your vet about what will be best for your feline friend.

These are some of the vital nutrients that should be present in a cat diet:

o Animal Protein: this is the most important nutrient that should always be present in a cat diet. Protein is needed for the creation of enzymes, tissues, and antibodies. The amino acids in animal protein are the primary source of growth and energy in cats.

o Fats: fats are also a source of energy for cats, and they aid in absorbing vitamins.
o Minerals: 
minerals are needed for enzyme formation, nervous system health, and for maintaining acid balance.  
o Vitamins:
 vitamins play a crucial part in regulating metabolism, promoting growth, improving vision, and supporting bone strength.
o Water: 
the basic building block of life that every animal needs.

Many owners often feed their cats only wet food or only dry food. However, they're unaware of the double benefits their cat can enjoy from a combo diet of wet and dry food.

Dry food is great for oral health as high-quality feeds are designed to regulate tartar levels in your feline friend's teeth. You can also leave the dry feed out in the cat bowl as it won't dry out or go bad.

On the other hand, dry cat food only has a 10% water content— much less than the 78% concentration found in wet food. This means that cats on dry food diets are likely not getting enough water— a potential cause for urinary problems. If your cat is on a dry food diet, you will need to make sure you always have fresh water available for it to drink.

Wet foods also have the advantage of giving off a rich aroma that helps tingle your cat's hunger. Cats interact with their surroundings primarily through smell as it is their strongest sense. Food is no different, and a delicious-smelling meal is sure to help stimulate their appetite.

We believe you can get the best of both worlds by providing a diet that has both wet and dry cat foods. You can get the smell that enhances their hunger and the crunchy kibbles that promote healthy teeth.

Either way, the goal is to provide complete nutrition to your cat that helps them stay happy and healthy. Make sure to buy the best premium-quality food when you are creating healthy food combinations for your cat.

Homemade Healthy Food Combinations for Cats

Home-cooked meals are the perfect way to control what your cat eats and give them a safe source of nutrients and energy.

Cook Eggs for Breakfast

Firstly, never feed your cat raw eggs. The bacteria and other microorganisms in raw eggs and meat can be deadly for your cat.

Eggs are an awesome source of different nutrients for cats. They contain proteins and amino acids that promote growth and skin health. The fats in eggs are also beneficial to your cat, along with the vitamins and minerals that improve bone strength and metabolism.

We recommend feeding large cats around 3 eggs in the morning as breakfast. You can cook the eggs however you like, be it an omelet or sunny side up.

If you’re making an omelet, we suggest you add some cottage cheese and a little of the veggies your cat likes for an extra boost of nutrition.

A Sardine Treat

We’ve all seen cats in cartoons going crazy for sardines, and it’s true for real-life cats as well. They adore eating sardines. This is one of the best healthy cat food out there, and your cat will love you for making it.

Sardines have a rich supply of omega-3 fatty acids that are fundamental in skin and fur health. They also counter inflammation and maintain immune system health, which can benefit older or sick cats. If that's not enough, these omega-3 acids are also beneficial for the brain!

We suggest mixing sardine with a few other healthy treats to pack an ultimate nutritious punch. Add some carrots and some cooked oatmeal to some cut up sardine and serve.

Carrots are a brilliant source of vitamins and minerals that promote overall health and wellness in a cat. They will be well tolerated in small amounts. Oatmeal is excellent for maintaining a healthy digestive system function.

Hydrating Cat Treats and Snacks:

At DhohOo we have our own healthy recipes for cats, that our office kitty loves. You can find some ideas in our videos on TikTok, below:

Apple Puree:

Peel and cut 1-2 apples, steam for 15 minutes, squash and refrigerate until solid. Steaming the apples helps retain more of their water which is optimal for hydrating your kitty. Top it with some freeze-dried food treats and serve!

Shrimp and Green Pea Puree:

Mix 10-15 shrimps together with 1/2 carrot and shape them into small pancake sized circles. Shimmer them in a pan until they turn golden brown. Meanwhile, boil green peas and then blend into a smooth puree. Green peas are known for their many benefits, but also for being hydrating and cooling in the summer. Use the green pea puree as a base, plant the shrimp mix on top and decorate with cherry tomatoes and freeze-dried treat toppers. 


This is by no means a complete list of all the healthy cat food combinations that you can try. But we hope that it can serve as motivation for you to always try and think about what your cat might be missing from their diet and how you can make it better.

Feeding cats can often be more complicated than feeding dogs since they are a lot more 'diva' about what they eat. However, we guarantee that your cat will repay all the love, care, and affection you put into taking care of it ten-fold.

Warning: If your cat is suffering from an illness or has allergies to certain foods, talk to your vet before you try any of the combinations mentioned in this article.