NMN Supplement and How They Work

Dogs can also benefit from NMN and Vitamin Supplements. Find out how they work and how they can be a natural anti-aging factor for your dog,



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Dog NMN: Should I Get NMN Supplements for My Dog and Why?

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), also called Coenzyme, has been recently identified as a biological compound, playing a crucial role in functioning mammal’s metabolism activities. This naturally produced substance is embedded in their cells, determining their tiredness level, influencing their circadian rhythms, and interacting with the production of proteins referred to as ‘sirtuins.’

Sirtuins are the anti-aging and longevity-promoting chemicals that depend upon the production of NAD+ in the mammal’s bodies. However, as your pets age, their NAD+ levels decrease, which causes slow-functioning metabolism and body malfunctioning.

In general, there are four primary functions of NAD+ that improve your pet’s immunity:

1- Boosts Active Energy

NAD+ is responsible for producing approximately 95% of your pet’s active energy, as it regulates their metabolism, oxidative stress, and signal transmission.

2- Activates Sirtuins

The biological compound activates the anti-aging protein, sirtuins, which reduces the issues concerning non-regenerative tissues, such as brain and heart tissues.

3- Repairs Damaged DNA

Moreover, NAD+ restores damaged DNA, as it is an essential substrate for PARP that heals the DNA for tumor cells.

4- Preserves and Stimulates Mitochondria

Mitochondria are organelles that generate chemical energy needed for the body cell’s biochemical reactions. The energy produced due to NAD+ preserves and stimulates the mitochondria, improving your pet’s glucose levels.

Simply put, to keep your senior pets young and in a healthy shape, they need high-quality supplements to boost their NAD+ levels after a certain age. The tablets that are produced for this purpose are called the NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide) supplements.

How Do DhohOo NMN Supplements Work to Raise Your Pet’s NAD+ Levels

NMN supplements are the primary way of raising NAD+ levels to boost metabolism functionality, DNA repairment, sirtuins production, and mitochondria preservation. While young pets usually produce this biological substance on their own, it becomes essential to add the NMN supplements to their daily diet when their NAD+ production level degrades.

The DhohOo NMN supplements for pets are especially beneficial for the following reasons:

1- Natural Ingredients

Our NMN tablets are manufactured with all-natural, contamination-free ingredients, making them a non-chemical, harmless synthetic for pets’ consumption.

2- Easy Absorption

You can feed these tablets to your pets separately or mix them with their meals. In both cases, the supplements are directly absorbed and transported into their bloodstream right after a few minutes of consumption.

3- Healthy Proportion of Ingredients in Tablets

The DhohOo NMN supplements have the right proportion of ingredients, including vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, and D3. Moreover, nicotinic acid, folic acid, and cellulose are added to the supplements for your pet’s better nourishment.

Note: Make sure to keep the NMN supplements away from children and animals. Moreover, it is advised not to feed these tablets to pregnant or lactating pets.

DhohOo wants to help support a worry-free life with your dog. For this reason we have launched our NMN supplements for health-aging: https://www.dhohoo.com/products/nmn-vitamins-supplements-for-dog.