Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me?

Has your cat ignored you before? If you has such experience, and are still confused with that. Here you can find the most common reasons why your kitty might be giving you the “cold shoulder.”



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There are stark differences between cats and dogs. Even though both make amazing pets, dogs are more friendly and receptive to human beings than cats. As species, cats are generally aloof and shy away from displaying affection to humans. They do not like to display their emotions and have mysterious feline habits.

Cats want everything to happen how they want it to happen. One moment they’ll be lying in your lap and the next, they will ignore your existence altogether. Many people fail to understand this very normal feline behavior and start pondering over why cats ignore them.

In this blog, we will take you through some signs and possible reasons behind why cats love to avoid humans. We will also share some tips on what you can do when your kitty ignores you in order to entice it to come around. Happy reading!

Signs Your Cat is Avoiding You

Most of you might have experienced some or all of these signs commonly displayed by cats on regular basis. Cats have a very oblivious way of showing that they do not want anything to do with their owners at any particular moment. If your cat displays any of the following signs, there is a high chance that it is trying to avoid you:

· Running away when you try to go near and pet it
· Hiding behind objects whenever you are around
· Not going in places where you like to hang out (your bedroom, the kitchen, the patio)
· Showing a desire to be cuddled by strangers but not by you
· Hanging their tail low or horizontally (a sign of fear or anger)
· Biting you or your stuff
· Growling or hissing at you

Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Ignores You

There is no definite answer as to why cats ignore their owners. There can be a number of reasons why your cat does not want you around. You might think your cat is angry or upset with you. While that might be true, it is important to understand that ignoring their owners is just something most cats do, even if there isn’t a solid reason to do so.

In this section, we will shed light on some common reasons for cats to ignore their owners.

1. Lack of Training

Many cats ignore their owners because they haven’t been trained to listen or obey unlike dogs who respond to human commands and actions immediately. Cats usually communicate when their survival is at a threat because of their instincts. A cat mother only uses its vocals to communicate with its kittens when they are in danger. Similarly, if you cat does not “meow” at you, it’s not because it doesn’t like talking to you but because it doesn’t find the need to communicate with you in that moment.  

2. Sick Cat

If your cat has started growling or hissing at you, it might be trying to tell you that it’s hurt or sick. One of the most common behaviors a sick cat displays is hissing. By doing so, it aims to alert its owner of its condition so the owner can treat it or take it to a veterinarian. Do not ignore your cat’s hissing signs as normal feline behavior. Take it to the vet for surety that nothing is wrong.

3. Not in Nature

We humans have a constant need of maintaining social relationships and gaining validation from others. We like to he heard, touched and seen. Cats on the other hand are solitary animals and prefer to not communicate using sounds. They do not feel that showing affection to their owners is their obligation. Do not mistake your cat’s ignorant behavior as spiteful; maybe it just doesn’t want to spend time with you.

4. Distrusting Cats

Another reason why cats ignore is because you might have broken their trust. You are in store for some serious ignorance if you have. Cats have an excellent memory. They will remember the time you yelled at them or made them wet or chased them around for no reason. Based on these prior events, your cat will start distrusting you.

5. New Environment

If you have recently switched houses or brought your cat into a new environment, there is a high chance that it will have trouble adjusting. Settling in new surroundings can be stressful for a cat and fuel its anxiety. As a result, it may start ignoring you, blaming you for this big change in its life. This behavior is predominant amongst kittens that are easily scared and consider changes as threats.

What to Do When Your Cat Ignores You

Now that you have understood why cats ignore, it is time to take the next step. You must think of solutions to gain back your cat’s trust and affection so it stops running away from you. Here are a few things you can do when you find your cat avoiding you:

· Do not take its behavior personally; its actions are normal for cats
· Give a treat to your cat whenever it responds to you
· Do not force your cat to do anything
· Do not chase, grab or scare it
· Make sure you are meeting its basic needs (food, water, air, litter boxes, shelter)
· Find new ways to grab your cat’s attention (new treats or toys)
· Invest in your cat’s mental enrichment by involving puzzle toys
· Give your cat the space it needs
· Keep calm whenever your cat is around
· Limit sudden movementsa

Final Thoughts

We’re sure you love your cat dearly and all you want is for it to love you back too. Understanding the reasons behind why cats ignore is the first step towards winning back their love and affection. Try our suggestions with your kitty today and let us know in the comment section below if they really helped! We look forward to hearing your cat stories!