Do you Clean your Cat's Litter Box the RIGHT Way?

If you've been a cat-parent for a while, you are familiar with cleaning the litter box. But are you doing it the way you actually should? Find out...



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This way, your kitty will stay happy, and the chances of accidents will be little to none. Most cats don’t do their business in a dirty litter box. So, you’ll have to clean your cat’s litter box daily. Daily maintenance doesn’t require much work, so don’t worry about spending too much time cleaning everyday.

A clean and comfortable litter box is essential to cat’s health, your health and general hugiene. Diseases and mental issues can ensue to your kitty from a dirty litter box. If your kitty is an anxious one and you are away from home for long hours during the day, also consider keeping a secondary litter box for your cat to do their business.

Furthermore, you’ll have to clean the box thoroughly every week. If you’re a new pet owner, this guide on how to clean your cat’s litter box will help you keep your cat happy and your furniture clean.

Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box Daily

Cleaning your cat’s litter box every day will ensure that it continues to use it. All you have to do is scoop out its waste daily and replace the soiled litter with fresh litter. This way, your cat won’t have to do its business in a box filled with its waste.

Here are the steps you must take for this process.

Step 1. Wear Appropriate Protective Wear

First and foremost, you should wear a dust mask and disposable gloves before cleaning the litter box. Protective wear can prevent a coccidial organism called toxoplasmosis from spreading. Even moving the fecal matter can cause the dust to get into the air and into your lungs. So, keep your mask and gloves on during the cleaning process. 

Step 2. Keep a Trash Can Near the Box

It’s best to have a separate trash can for this purpose specifically. Make sure to keep it close by when you’re cleaning the box. You’ll prevent scattering the soiled litter and cat waste this way.

Step 3. Scoop Out Your Cat’s Feces

Scooping out the feces is an essential part of cleaning your cat’s litter box daily. It’s acceptable to perform this step just once a day. However, you can do it twice if your cat is extra picky about wanting to use a clean litter box.

You’ll need a special scooper for this purpose. You can find these at any of your local pet stores. Also, the scooper should have a grate at the bottom. So, when you scoop the stool, the litter falls right through it and back into the litter box.

Step 4. Scoop Out Clumps of Urine

Using clumping litter can help make cleaning your cat’s litter box easier. Thus, the litter will clump together where your cat pees in the box. So, you can scoop out the clumped litter using the same scooper for removing its feces.

For those of you who don’t use clumping litter, you should sprinkle some baking soda on the floor of the box before you fill it with kitty litter. The baking soda helps remove some of the odor of your cat’s urine. So, your cat won’t find the litter box unusable if some soiled litter remains in the box.

Step 5. Replace the Soiled Litter

It’s always a good idea to replace the soiled litter with fresh litter. Your cat may not want to use a litter box that smells of its waste, and soiled litter will retain the smell. So, scoop some of it out, and replace it with clean litter. Also, when you scoop out your cat’s waste, the box is going to lose litter anyway. Therefore, you’re going to have to replace the litter because of that as well. Your cat may not use the box if there isn’t enough litter to bury its waste.

Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box Weekly

Cleaning your cat’s litter box thoroughly once every week will keep your cat healthy and happy. It will also prevent it from doing its business outside of the box. Here’s what you must do to keep the box clean.

Step 1. Remove the Old Litter

After a week, it’s best to remove all of the litter in the box. If you have more than one cat using the box, you may want to go through this process more than once a week.

Step 2. Scrub the Litter Box Clean

Use an abrasive sponge to scrub the litter box clean. Stick with dish soap and water to avoid harsh chemicals. You may also consider using a white vinegar and water solution. After you scrub the box thoroughly, make sure to rinse it well. Remove all soap residue so that the box doesn’t smell of soap. Your cat may not use it if it does.

Step 3. Let the Box Dry

After cleaning your cat’s litter box, let it dry completely before adding the litter back in. The litter will stick to the wet parts of the box if you don’t, making it unusable.

Step 4. Add a Layer of Baking Soda

It’s up to you if you want to add a bit of baking soda at the bottom of the box. It’ll help with reducing the odor in the box. 

Step 5. Add Clean Litter to the Box

The final step of cleaning your cat’s litter box is to add clean litter. How much you add will depend on your cat. Too much litter and your cat may make a mess. Too little, and it may not be able to bury its waste, causing it to eliminate outside the box. 2 inches of litter height is sufficient for most cats. Also, make sure to keep the amount of litter consistent once you decide on the quantity. Changing the amount can confuse your cat, which may cause it to stop using it.

Last Few Words

Cleaning your cat’s litter box is a duty that every cat owner must perform. It ensures that your pet is healthy and happy, which is exactly what any pet owner wants for their furry companion.

Good luck!