How to Cut Your Cat’s Claws

You can use a standard nail clipper to cut your cat’s claws. Click here to find out how.



11/29/2021 2 min read

Your cat has claws, not nails, because it's ferocious and forever thinking about enslaving the human race so we can give them head scratches and belly rub.

If cats could speak, they would probably admit to this diabolical plan.

Jokes aside, if you have been having trouble clipping your cat's claws, you are probably in the same boat as other cat owners. For those who cannot afford a pet groomer, taking care of your cat can be a little difficult because they are moody and seldom listen to what you say.

Every cat has a different personality, but some will never submit to having their claws manipulated or clipped. For outdoor cats, trimming claws is a DIY affair. However, in the case of indoor cats, you have to run after them.

How Often Should I Trim My Cat’s Claws?

If you don’t want that sharp edge, with which cats often shred clothes and upholstery, you should trim their claws every 6 to 8 weeks. For older cats, it should be every 2 months.

Tips on How to Cut Your Cat’s Claws

This is usually a two-person job, but you won't have a problem if you can restrain your cat by yourself. It's also possible that your cat might be willing, lying in your lap while you do the deed.

In case you didn't know, cats have protruding claws. Meaning: To cut their claws, you need to press on their toes so that they protrude gently. Once you see the claws, you have to be ready.

·Before picking up the clippers, the first thing you need to do is massage your cat’s feet. Make them all compliant so that they don’t jump away when you start cutting the claws.

·Pick up your cat and place him in your lap. Press one arm on their neck and the other on their hind legs. Pick up one foot and clip the claw below the pink line.

Note: If you go above the pink line, you will most likely be clipping "the quick," which are the blood vessels. If you see a bleed, do not press on it. The bleeding will stop soon enough, and the wound will heal on its own.

If you have difficulty restraining your cat, then try the towel method. All you need to do is wrap your cat in a towel like you do a baby and take out one paw at a time to clip the nails.

The two most common nail clippers used are a standard nail clipper used by humans and a guillotine. The latter is difficult to master because you need to ensure that the right length is inserted into the opening. If you don't have a steady hand, you are more likely to hurt your cat.

And that's how you cut your cat's claws. The first time will be challenging, which is only made so when it comes to restraining the cat. Once you get the hang of it, it will take you a couple of minutes to get the job done.