How can pets help us post-pandemic times?

What can heal us and illuminate the dark corners of our hearts like sunlight? Friends, family, flowers, gifts... Of course, and pets!



7/4/2022 2 min read

We are living in a high-speed, volatile, vague and uncertain 'VUCA' era, where anxiety is spreading in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic and some sudden and unexpected states that put everyone in the midst of this big-time turmoil.

What can heal us and illuminate the dark corners of our hearts like sunlight? Friends, family, flowers, gifts... Of course, and pets! The special love of pets can prevent owners from being lonely and depressed in a stressful state, ensuring a good mental state. Meanwhile, taking pets out for a walk is often every owner's daily routine, whether it's raining or sunny! Otherwise, your pet may spill and roll around the house and have no peace! On the other hand, the companionship of a pet ensures that the owners have sufficient exercise and improve physical health. For instance, most people are not unfamiliar with Parkinson's disease. While intelligent pets can effectively relieve it, they can even help patients live independently with special training.

There's no news as well that dogs are often considered to be people's most loyal friends, able to detect their negative emotions quickly and sensitively. After a busy and stressful day working, our pets are bound to come running and greet you with the utmost enthusiasm. This can often eliminate your fatigue in time! They also invariably bring you more chances to chat and connect with other pet owners and meet more like-minded friends. You might be discussing your pet ownership experiences together or quietly complaining about what your little one has done wrong again!

However, while they accompany you, you can not forget to care for them, of course! After all, as their owner, you can be prepared for the little cuties' mischief anytime, anywhere. So, how about giving back to our best furry friend(s)? As much as we are always in need of great care, it's natural to understand that pets also have their needs. Making sure we cover their basics will not only guarantee their health, but yours too, knowing that you are doing the best for the best around you! Find below a range of products that will guarantee your pet's wellbeing.

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Natural Wet Wipes

Our pets usually have an adventurous spirit, and natural wet wipes will help you remove dirt, debris, odors and stains more efficiently. At the same time, it keeps your pet's skin coat soft, smooth and shiny!

Natural Dog Shampoo

Especially in the heat of summer, don't forget to clean your pup after coming home! Made with lemongrass, lavender and cedar extracts, DhohOo's essential oil shampoo is made with all-natural ingredients to deep clean your dog's coat, leaving it fresh, smooth and shiny. The lavender extract also helps calm anxious dogs during bath time, while panthenol and other essential oils help relieve itching and dry skin!


Targeting gas, bloating, diarrhea, bad breath and overall smooth digestion, probiotics are a great hypoallergenic supplement for your pet's diet. It is effective in improving your furry friend's digestive function and relieving bloating and diarrhea. What's more, it benefits your pet's nutrient absorption, blood sugar support and immune system enhancement!

Now, does the idea of having a pet become strong for you? However, it is obvious that taking care of a pet is not an easy and relaxing task. Because having a strong sense of responsibility, financial foundation, and sufficient time are essential requirements. In the meantime, DhohOo is committed to providing the best products for pets and also hopes to help you become a great pet owner!

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