How the Pet Industry Has Changed

Services such as online vet consultations, pet groomers, pet boarding, and "on-demand" apps have changed the face of the pet industry. Click here to find out how.



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There was a time when we could hand over the house keys to the neighbor and toss their kid a bag of pet food so they could feed our pet and take care of it while we went on vacation. A couple of dollars would exchange hands, and that was it! Problem solved.

Today, the pet car industry has evolved and made things easier and less worrisome. Did you know that in 2020, $103.6 billion were spent on pets? Almost half of it was spent on pet food and treats. Around $9.7 billion were spent on pet services, including training, boarding, grooming, Pet sitting, and insurance. According to the American Pet Product Association, the numbers are expected to rise in the future.

Technology has made it quite easy to take care of your pet and interact with it. Innovations are continually being updated and adapted to ease pet owner concerns and provide pets comfort. So, what are these changes that have made life easy for pets and their owners?

Let’s take a look at them:

Professional Pet Sitters

Back then, we would either give our pet to one of our friends or, as mentioned above, ask the neighbors to check on it regularly. Today, people don't easily trust anyone to take care of their pets. This is where pet sitting services come in. You will find plenty of websites and apps such as Pet Sitters, Rover, and Pawshake that help you find a professional pet sitter in your area.

The services provided by these organizations are aimed at providing pet owners with round-the-clock pet care. You get access to a locator directory that requires your zip code, and you will find multiple sitters in your area. The best thing about these apps is that the pet sitter arriving will have a certification, which will show the skills they have to give your appropriate pet care. These sitters receive regular education and are well-versed in pet CPR.

You no longer have to worry about your pet getting sick in your absence, thanks to online vet services. These apps offer every type of service from pet sitting to walking, boarding, training, and vet consultations. Your pet can have access to everything from the comfort of their home.

All you have to do is book a pet sitter and choose the services you want, and you will come back to a happy, well-fed, and groomed pet eagerly waiting for you.

When hiring a pet sitter, please take a look at their qualifications to see whether the person will be able to take care of your pet or not. For example, you just adopted a dog, and he is still wary of new people and loud noises. He barks at people he feels threatened with and sometimes bites if he is forced into something. To handle your pet, you will need a professional who has dealt with aggressive pets.

The world is forever changing, and just like our demands, the demands of pets will evolve too. Pets are part of your family, and they should be treated with love and care. So, make sure that you fulfill your pets' needs and give them the love and care they deserve.