DhohOo provide you the newest, original supplements for your beloved doggo: NMN + Vitamins. Supporting longevity and healthy aging is the best gift for you and your fluffy companion.

" What do NMN supplements
 have to do with that? "

Nicotinamide mononucleotide is a derivative of the vitamin B3 group that improves health and longevity as it promotes NAD+ production. NAD+ is a coenzyme naturally found in the body and some foods, that plays an important role in energy production, metabolism and healthy aging. It’s absolutely essential for overall health and even plays a role in sleep cycles and hunger. However, the levels of NAD+ reduce with age.

NMN works by replenishing NAD+ levels. This way it is supported that it improves and promotes better heart function and bodily energy production.

" Isn't NAD+ found naturally
in foods & why are some NMN
supplements so expensive? "

As NMN supplementation is still being researched, their production can be expensive. As a new product it may be overpriced.

That is unnecessary since NMN supplements are basically natural! The only reason your dog needs them is because NAD+ absorption is really difficult and with age it becomes even more difficult. NMN will help replenish it and support its absorption.

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